Understanding the Book as a Whole

In addition to understanding the overall Bible structure, before delving into each book or a section of a book, it is important get a sense of understanding of the overall book. If you google for this information, there are tons of resources out there, wonderful works published by many biblical scholars. Again I have a favorite here.

About 2 years ago, I came upon what is known as: The Bible Project. bibleprojectlogoThey have developed the best animated set of short videos that help you understand segments of the Bible. Not only that, you can also download PDF versions of the animated book summary that you can keep for your reference. Their page here allows you quick access to all their videos. Clicking on the ‘Old Testament’ or the ‘New Testament’ icon on that page lets you view and access all the books of the Bible to get the summary of the Biblical books. And in  the resources section you have the option of downloading the “poster” in PDF format.

You must check this out if you haven’t come across this before.


These short well scripted animated videos are great for teaching children the structure of the Bible books as well without watering it down. And both my kids enjoy watching these videos so much that they make sure I play it for them as we begin the journey of each new book.


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