Week 45: A Guide for Leading the Church with Integrity

In our society today leadership development is a very hot topic that is discussed in almost every domain and one of the foundational aspects for sustained growth of any sphere it impacts. Business leaders cultivate it to make sure their organizations have a good depth of leadership talent to make sure there the business can... Continue Reading →

Week 44: Standing firm through suffering because of hope in Jesus’ return

Even though we do not read much about Paul's ministry in Thessalonica, there is enough information given us in Acts 17 to help set the context for Paul's relationship with the Thessalonians. Here is a quick recap: Paul spent three sabbaths in the Jewish synagogue reasoning with them from the scriptures. This lets us know... Continue Reading →

Week 42: Freedom and Victory in Christ

During the few years I lived in the East coast, there were some things I just never could understand. For instance the difference between townships and municipalities and boroughs and cities and towns...and so on. Our house where we lived was part one city while belonging to another township. And some parts of the city... Continue Reading →

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