Have you ever watched someone do a neat trick and wondered, how did they ever do it?

Have you ever tasted something so delicious that you wondered and even asked for the recipe or the ingredients in it?

Have you ever listened to someone teach from the Bible bringing forth truth and revelation you had ever never before thought of and thought to yourself: “Wow! I had never seen that before? How did they derive that piece of revelation?”

Well, I have.

It is this curiosity that has led me to want to dig deeper into the Bible for myself and learn for myself and not remain satisfied with what I learn from others alone. And this my friends, is the crux of this Bible Learning journey I am on.

And along the way, I have picked up some great tools and resources that have tremendously helped me along the way.

And here are main ones grouped by the function…

  • Understanding the Overall Structure
  • Understanding the Book as a Whole
  • Personal Growth Template
  • Organizing the Information
  • Tools for In-Depth Study

Understanding the Overall Structure

One of the seemingly daunting tasks while approaching the Bible as a whole is its massive amount of content…not just the volume of it but also its diverse range of genres and varying social, historical, geographical and cultural contexts. So, I have found it very immensely helpful to …[read more]

Understanding the Book as a Whole

Now that we have the overall structure laid out,  the next step is to get a sense for understanding each book of the Bible before we start reading it.…[read more]

Personal Growth Template

Now, I don’t know about you, when I read the Bible, I am not approaching it as just another book from which I gain information and understanding. I am looking to the Bible to allow God’s holy and living word (Hebrews 4:12) to speak to me, my situation and…[read more]

Organizing the Information

Now, if you have been looking through all the information available and care about the long term preservation of your Biblical studies, then you probably are wondering what is the best way  to organize all …[read more]


Tools for In Depth Book Study

<coming soon>



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