Week 32: Time to return and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem

Have you ever had the experience of being far away from your loved ones while you receive some tragic news that makes the distance even more painful. Having moved halfway across the globe, I've certainly experienced that feeling of helplessness when I've received news of loved ones passing away and having no way of being... Continue Reading →

Week 31: Time to Return and Rebuild the Temple

Have you ever been stumped in a pleasant way when something  unexpected happens to cause you to marvel and wonder "how could this be?". Have you experienced favor and generosity from someone totally random, who is not related to you in anyway that it just blows your mind off? Maybe something like a total stranger... Continue Reading →

Week 30: For such a time as this!

Ever hiked a trail where you know there is a stream nearby because you hear sound of water even though you can't actually see the water? Then suddenly through the rocks or out of the earth you see the water bubbling through. Then again as you continue, the water may disappear and reappear as it... Continue Reading →

Week 29: Thriving in Exile

Weekly Summary When thrust into the harsh reality of being exiled under the rule of foreign nations, Daniel finds a way to remain steadfast and unwavering in his allegiance to the Lord while eagerly praying and awaiting the fulfillment of God's promises. When most of us think of Daniel in  the Bible, the first thing... Continue Reading →

Time to re-start

Hello, dear reader! Welcome (back) to my Bible Learning blog! I started this blog in 2018 with a goal of covering through the entire Bible in one year, sharing my learnings along the way with a deep passion of motivating you, the reader to also learn and grow in the process. I love the Bible... Continue Reading →

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