Organizing the Information


Now, if you have been looking through all the information available and care about the long term preservation of your Biblical studies, then you probably are wondering what is the best way  to organize all this information.

Three ring binders have worked the best for me. Currently I have a 3 ring binder with multiple tabs for each biblical era so that in each section I can insert print outs of information I find helpful. At the very front I have the print out of the structural outline summary sheet with the various biblical eras.

So, what kinds of items do I collect and insert:

  • Devotional sheets filled out for texts within that give Era <see above section on templates for personal growth>
  • Illustrations that I found on the web or created on my own to help remember facts. For example, the 7 days of creation or the Ten Commandments
  • Bible Book Posters printouts from The Bible Project site.
  • Any other useful information I find

This is what the front of my binder looks like:


kids-can-do-it-e1521925146553.pngAnd I have a binder for each of my kids as well so that they too can have their own special place where there are collecting information they learn about the Bible. And if they bring a cool illustration from their church Sunday School lesson anytime, then I hole punch those and put them in there too….but not every single thing they bring….just a few that really stand out.

This is what the front of their Binders look like (their names are on the bottom of the page as well).



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