So, here I lay out some basic expectations regarding this Blog…

# 1. My commitment to you: One per week

My goal and commitment to you, my readers, is to publish at least one entry each week and shared by Monday morning in time for the start of the week.

#2. My post content: Consistent format

On my each weekly post, you will see me give you an overarching summary from the text for the week while highlighting something that has touched my heart and moved my spirit. The post will also contain scripture passages we will journey through for that week so that you know what you can read on your own to embark on your own personal Bible learning journey. And each week I also try to bring up a couple of other biblical texts that could complement of cause further understanding of the text for the week.

#3. Your choice: What to do with the information

This is totally up to you depending on how much time you have for this journey and how much you want to continue exploring on  your own.

If you have…

  • 15 minutes per week: You can read the summary from my post along with the highlighted scriptures and be done with it until the next week. In this case, you may want to set a weekly reminder to check out this site once a week.
  • 15 minutes a day: You can learn more for yourself by reading the allocated key verses for that day and spend some time meditating on those verses. I will share some good tools I have found helpful for personal meditation.
    Hint: I have found it helpful to use a phone Bible app that will give a audio narration of the text so that I can listen to the text without having to sit down to find dedicated time for reading. This strategy works really well for kids to listen to the word before they have to go to school!
  • 30 minutes or more per day: If you have more time, then you may be one of those people who may be able to even read all of the passages for that week and in that way be on track to even read through the entire Bible in 2018.

Which of the above groups will you fit into best?

This is not about whether one is better than the other or not. It isn’t.

This is about you examining your own life and time commitments and see what makes most sense for where you are in your journey and walk with God.

And hey, you can always change your mind…you may start out thinking you can only do this once a week and then end up wanting to dig deeper and spending time everyday….or it could be the other way around.

Just remember this:


Happy Bible Learning!

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