Week 37: Jesus is God Among Us

For the longest time it used to bother me to read the phrase "the disciple whom Jesus loved" (John 13:23 and 21:20). I wondered if this meant that this disciple was loved more than the others? I asked myself, did this disciple receive extra favoritism shown by Jesus? But then I realized it is not... Continue Reading →

Week 36: Jesus the Messianic Savior

Hey Bible learners, it is time now for a third viewpoint of the life and works of Jesus. In this installment Luke, who we understand is a doctor, is making a special point to write to his nephew Theophilus and claims the following in  the first few verses of the book. He acknowledges many have... Continue Reading →

Week 34: Jesus the Messianic King

We ended our readings from the Old Testament with a sense of hope as we saw the exiled Israelites return to the land and to the Lord with encouragement from the prophetic voices. But the hope of a restored land and kingdom never did fully materialize. Nearly 400 years passes by without any sign of... Continue Reading →

Week 30: For such a time as this!

Ever hiked a trail where you know there is a stream nearby because you hear sound of water even though you can't actually see the water? Then suddenly through the rocks or out of the earth you see the water bubbling through. Then again as you continue, the water may disappear and reappear as it... Continue Reading →

Week 29: Thriving in Exile

Weekly Summary When thrust into the harsh reality of being exiled under the rule of foreign nations, Daniel finds a way to remain steadfast and unwavering in his allegiance to the Lord while eagerly praying and awaiting the fulfillment of God's promises. When most of us think of Daniel in  the Bible, the first thing... Continue Reading →

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