Week 13: The anointing of the Lord is essential for any mission

As we near the quarter year mark of being on this journey, we will transition to the Kingdom era in the Bible - an era where God provides leadership for His people through the kings whom He appoints and anoints. To do this, in the upcoming weeks and months, we will weave through the various... Continue Reading →

Week 12: God is faithful even through our faithlessness

This week in our Bible journey we will cover a time period that I just wish we could skip altogether because in more ways than one, it is very painful to read and digest. But when a commitment has been made to journey through the entire Bible, it means: NO SKIPPING. So...lets dive in. Just... Continue Reading →

Week 3: Though it delays, wait for it!

Last week in our journey we read about all the amazing promises the Lord made to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. Not only did we see the promises and faithfulness of God, we also saw how God remained faithful even when those whom he called...um...weren't all that ....um....perfect. Which is totally fine with me because... Continue Reading →

Week 1, here we come!

As we begin our journey, we start at the very beginning and that is at: Genesis! Genesis is one of my favorite books because it introduces us to a lot of amazing aspects of our God - our powerful, most awesome, indescribable God Almighty who not only created us but continues to chase after this... Continue Reading →

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