Bible in a Year

"The Bible is not an option, it is a necessity.
You cannot grow spiritually strong without it."
- Billy Graham

About this Plan

This is a chronologically guided reading plan broken into a weekly schedule with free days (for those times when we fall behind and need to catch up)! You can download the entire plan in PDF.

Weekly Setup and Free Days

Let me tell you about the weekly breakdown first. So the plan is broken down to fit into just 50 weeks. And each week will cover a specific section of the Bible within the same Era (see next section). And because there are only 50 weeks, you get 2 free weeks; one mid-year and one at the end of the year. Why? Because life happens and we all need some wiggle room when we fall behind and need to catch up.

In addition to the 2 free weeks, within each week, the reading passages have been broken down to fit into just 5 days. Which means you get 2 free days each week to catch up or do some extra reading.

Chronological Eras

The entire plan is setup in such a way that the Biblical story is broken into 12 main Eras or time periods such that the passages will read in a chronological sequence as much as possible. I have borrowed this concept from Max Anders book “30 Days to Understanding the Bible in 15 Minutes a Day” (you can watch the first 2 minutes of this video to get more information or read about it in a PDF download).

I really hope this breakdown will help you to more easily follow along with the Biblical story as your take on this great challenge of reading through the entire Bible in a year.

Guided Plan

In addition to breaking it down by time periods, I also am providing weekly summaries for the passages that should help you get an idea of the Bible passages covered even if you are unable to read all of it. This way it should feel like you are reading once continuous story line.

Reading the Psalms

The Psalms being in their own category get a bit tricky to break down. So, I am allowing for two options to tackle this. First, you have the option of reading 3-4 Psalms each week along with your weekly reading passages. However, when we are reading through the Kingdom era, two weeks (16-17) are set aside for focusing just on the Psalms. Here I also provide some great tips and information about the Psalms that will help you.

The Plan

And now here is the entire plan. Be sure to use the hyperlinks that will take you to the weekly summary posts that will guide you further in your reading journey. You can also download the entire plan in PDF.

Week #TitleBible Passages to Read
1Getting StartedGenesis 1-11
Psalms 1-3
2The Greatest Promise KeeperGenesis 12- 36
Psalms 4-6
3Though it delays, wait for it!Genesis 37-50
Psalms 7-9
4God’s nature is not dependent on our circumstancesJob 1-42
Psalms 10-12
5Peace amidst the stormExodus 1-15:21
Psalms 13-15
6Holy God desires holiness in His childrenExodus 15:22 – 40
Psalms 16-18
7Holy God provides the plan for unholy people to come into His presenceLeviticus 1-27
Psalms 19-21
8The promised land is so close but yet so farNumbers 1-19
Psalms 22-24
9Entering the promised land incites excitement
and requires valuable preparations
Numbers 20-36
Psalms 25-27
10God is able to powerfully use those who are yielded to HimDeuteronomy 1-34
Psalms 28-30
11Remember God’s faithfulness of fulfilled promises and always follow HimJoshua 1-24
Psalms 31-33
12God is faithful even through our faithlessnessJudges 1-21; Ruth 1-4
Psalms 34-36
13The anointing of the Lord is essential for any mission1 Chronicles 1-10; 1 Samuel 1-31
Psalms 37-39
14A heart that seeks after God shall persevere through many troubles1 Chronicles 11-29
2 Samuel 1-24
Psalms 40-42
15Unlike earthly kingdom God’s kingdom dominion is forever1 Kings 1-11
2 Chronicles 1-9
Proverbs 1-31
Psalms 43-45
16-17The Lord reigns and is also a very present source of security (Part 1 | Part 2)Psalms 1-150
18The Word of God is always relevant to our societyEcclesiastes 1-12; Song of Songs 1-8
Psalms 46-48
19The Lord needs people who can boldly declare the Word of the Lord1 Kings 12-2 Kings 1
2 Chronicles 10-20
Psalms 49-51
20Greater things come to those who keep believing and pursuing God2 Kings 2-14; 2 Chronicles 21-25
Psalms 52-54
21God is the rightful King who is always on the throne2 Kings 15-16; 2 Chronicles 26-27
Amos; Jonah; Isaiah 1-35
Psalms 55-58
22Covenant keeping God requires faithfulness from His people2 Kings 17-21; 2 Chronicles 29-33
Isaiah 36-39
Hosea; Micah; Joel; Nahum
Psalms 59-62
23When God calls and commissions; He equips and strengthensJeremiah 1-49
Psalms 63-66
24Turning to the Lord requires all our heart, soul and strength2 Kings 22-24; 2 Chronicles 34-36
Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Obadiah
Jeremiah 40-51
Psalms 67-69
25Even amidst utter devastation there is promise and hope of restorationJeremiah 52; 2 Kings 25;
2 Chronicles 36; Isaiah 40-66
Psalms 70-72
26A Time to Mourn and Weep over DestructionLamentations
Psalms 73-75
27God is at work even in the ExileEzekial 1-33
Psalms 76-78
28Hope and Restoration Amidst DevastationEzekial 34-48
Psalms 79-81
29Thriving in ExileDaniel
Psalms 82-84
30For such a time as this!Esther
Psalms 85-87
31Time to Return and Rebuild the TempleEzra
Psalms 88-90
32Time to Rebuild the walls of JerusalemNehemiah
Psalms 91-93
33Hope for the future and returning to the LordHaggai, Zechariah, Malachi
Psalms 94-96
34Jesus the Messianic KingMatt 1-28
Psalms 97-99
35Jesus the Suffering Son of GodMark 1-16
Psalms 100-102
36Jesus the Messianic SaviorLuke 1-24
Psalms 103-105
37Jesus is God Among UsJohn 1-21
Psalms 106-108
38The mighty acts of the Holy SpiritActs 1-28
Psalms 109-111
39The power of the Gospel to bring salvation to allRomans 1-16
Psalms 112-114
40Learning to live in the reality of Salvation1 Corinthians 1-16
Psalms 115-118
41Forgiveness and reconciliation through the Cross2 Corinthians 1-13
Psalm 119
42Freedom and Victory in ChristGalations 1-6; Ephesians 1-6
Psalms 120-123
43Joyful lessons from the suffering servant of ChristPhilippians 1-4; Colossians 1-4; Philemon
Psalms 124-127
44Standing firm through suffering because of hope in Jesus’ return1&2 Thessalonians
Psalms 128-131
45A guide for leading the Church with integrity1&2 Timothy; Titus
Psalms 132-134
46Jesus as the author and finisher of Christian faithHebrews
Psalms 135-137
47A wise and practical guide for being a Christ followerJames, Jude
Psalms 138-141
48Hope in suffering and patient awaiting of the Lord’s return1& 2 Peter
Psalms 142-144
49God is love and those who know Him must Love others1, 2, 3 John
Psalms 145-147
50The revelation of Jesus, the returning KingRevelation 1-22
Psalms 148-150

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