Mid Year Review

26.2 miles. That is the distance of a marathon race.

And nearing the 26 week mark in 2018, in some ways we have reached a marathon point in our Bible Learning journey as well.

So, at this point in time, let us take a pause and reflect back on last half year of journeying through the highlights of the Bible learning thus far. I have listed each of the posts from the previous 25 weeks along with the era, bible portion reviewed, key characters and the weekly summary.

Maybe you need to refresh your memory on some of the weeks you may have missed.

Or maybe you want to catch up a bit.

Or maybe you have just recently joined the journey and want a quick glance of what has been covered so far.

Whatever the case, hope the below will be of use to you.

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And now, here is the summary list I promised:

Week 1: Getting Started

Creation Era | Genesis 1-11 | Adam, Eve, Abel, Cain, Enoch, Noah

Creator God longs for a special relationship with humanity and continues to provide and maintain a covenantal relationship despite humanity’s continued struggles with sin and fallen nature.

Week 2: The Greatest Promise Keeper

Patriarch Era | Genesis 12-36 | Abraham, Isaac, Jacob

Promise keeping God paves the way to redeem fallen humanity, working lovingly through the lives of those whom He has chosen.

Week 3: Though it delays, wait for it!

Patriarch Era | Genesis 37-50 | Joseph

God is always faithful to keep His promise and deliver it in His perfect time. Even though circumstances and people may fail, God will never fail.

Week 4: Peace amidst the storm

Exodus Era | Exodus 1-15:21 | Moses

God’s omnipotence is able to overcome all odds so that His people may experience true deliverance and salvation as they yield themselves to Him.

Week 5: Holy God desires holiness in His children

Exodus Era | Exodus 15:22-40 | Moses

God is Holy and makes provisions for His sinful unholy children to enter His Holy presence by laying out the required law and other principles establishing a covenant between Himself and His people.

Week 6: Holy God provides the plan for unholy people to come into His presence

Exodus Era | Leviticus 1-27 | Moses

Holy God lays out details instructions for how His people may enter His holy presence giving them both the promises for obedience and the warnings of what may befall them for being disobedient.

Week 7: The promised land is so close but yet so far

Exodus Era | Numbers 1-19 | Moses, Aaron, Korah

God leads the people on the journey to the promised land while having to address their rebellion and lack of belief, punishing them while also providing redemption by extending His mercy and love.

Week 8: Entering the promised land incites excitement and requires valuable preparations

Exodus Era | Numbers 20-36 | Moses

God’s faithfulness continues from one generation to the next as He prepares the new generation of Israelites to possess the promised land of inheritance.

Week 9: God is able to powerfully use those who are yielded to Him

Exodus Era | Deuteronomy 1-34 | Moses

God’s anointed leaders who are yielded to Him are used mightily to shape, lead and guide entire generations towards the purposes of God.

Week 10: Remember God’s faithfulness of fulfilled promises and always follow Him

Conquest Era | Joshua 1-24 | Joshua

God demonstrates He faithful to fulfill His promises by leading the Israelites into the promised land and conquering all of His enemies with mighty display of power as long as His people are faithful to love and obey Him.

Week 11: God is faithful even through our faithlessness

Judges Era | Judges 1-21; Ruth 1-4 | Deborah, Gideon, Samson, Ruth

Even when the people of Israel have turned prostituted themselves with the worship of other gods, God demonstrates He is faithful by raising up Judges to deliver His people from their pain and suffering.

Week 12: The anointing of the Lord is essential for any mission

Kingdom Era | 1 Chronicles 1-10; 1 Samuel 1-31| Samuel, Saul, David

As the Israelites struggled to stay focused on the worship of the one true Lord, God does grant them their wish for a king but leadership over God’s people requires His anointing and an obedient heart.

Week 13: A heart that seeks after God shall persevere through many troubles

Kingdom Era | 1 Chronicles 11-29; 2 Samuel 1-24 | David

Israel’s greatest king, David, is a man after God’s own heart and shows us how in spite of his flaws he pursues true intimate relationship with God.

Week 14: Unlike earthly kingdom God’s kingdom dominion is forever

Kingdom Era | 1 Kings 1-11; 2 Chronicles 1-9; Proverbs 1-31 | Solomon

King Solomon of Israel asks and receives wisdom to rule God’s people and accomplishes great things but does not finish well.

Weeks 15 & 16: The Lord reigns and is also a very present source of securityPart 2

Kingdom Era | Psalms 1-150 | David, Other Psalmists

The biblical Psalms are filled with praises and prayers to help us express our emotions to the Holy God so that we may experience intimacy with Him in His presence.

Week 17: The Word of God is always relevant to our society

Kingdom Era | Ecclesiastes 1-12; Song of Songs 1-8 | Solomon

The wisdom literature of Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs show us God is part of everyday conversations of life and no life situation is out of his realm of influence.

Week 18: God’s nature is not dependent on our circumstances

Patriarch Era | Job 1-42 | Job

The Biblical patriarch Job loses almost everything and suffers much but yet does not curse God and eventually experiences restoration and a double reversal of his losses.

Week 19: The Lord needs people who can boldly declare the Word of the Lord

Kingdom Era | 1 Kings 12-2 Kings 1; 2 Chronicles 10-20 | Ahab, Elijah

After Solomon’s reign, the kingdom is divided into two and as various kings take their place, hardly any of them are righteous before God and Elijah the prophet is mightily used by God as he fearlessly calls people to worship the one true God.

Week 20: Greater things come to those who keep believing and pursuing God

Kingdom Era | 2 Kings 2-14; 2 Chronicles 21-25 | Elisha

Elisha picks up the prophetic mantle after Elijah and is used mightily by God to reveal God’s love and power to the Israelites and the non-Israelites while the kings of both Israel and Judah continue to lead disappointing lives before God.

Week 21: God is the rightful King who is always on the throne

Kingdom Era | 2 Kings 15-16; 2 Chronicles 26-27; Amos; Jonah; Isaiah 1-35| Uzziah, Isaiah, Jonah, Amos

As the kings of Israel and Judah come and go, God remains on the throne, raising up prophets to speak His message to His people and also to other nearby nations.

Week 22: Covenant keeping God requires faithfulness from His people

Kingdom Era | 2 Kings 17-21; 2 Chronicles 29-33; Isaiah 36-39; Hosea; Micah; Joel; Nahum

As the sins and rebellion against God continues, the kingdom of Israel is taken captive while Judah’s kings continue to reign. God’s prophets continue to speak the Word of the Lord boldly and persistently to the people of Israel, Judah and the surrounding nations.

Week 23: When God calls and commissions; He equips and strengthens

Kingdom Era | Jeremiah 1-49 | Jeremiah

A young Jeremiah is called by God to be a prophet to the kingdom of Judah and the nations; and through oppositions and discouragements, he continues to speak the word of the Lord’s judgment and hope.

Week 24: Turning to the Lord requires all our heart, soul and strength

Kingdom Era | 2 Kings 22-24; 2 Chronicles 34-36; Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Obadiah; Jeremiah 40-51| Josiah

King Josiah discovers the Law of the Lord and turns to the Lord with all his might but that is not enough to turn the anger of the Lord away from Judah and will lead to their eventual captivity.

Week 25: Even amidst utter devastation there is promise and hope of restoration

Kingdom Era | Jeremiah 52; 2 Kings ; 2 Chronicles 36; Isaiah 40-66 | Isaiah

Judah meets its end resulting in exile and captivity; Isaiah speaks forth the message of hope through God’s promises concerning the future Messiah.

There you have it folks.

Now, please do not forget to take just a couple of minutes to Leave a Reply below.

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