Week 21: God is the rightful King who is always on the throne


In my work environment one of the phrases that my colleagues and I say to each other a lot is: The only thing constant around here is change. In our fast paced and success-driven life, we find ourselves constantly having to change how we view and do business in order to stay on top.

But change is not always easy.

If we have found a nice comfortable niche and groove for our lives, when that gets shaken up, the uncertainty of what will unfold next could be emotionally taxing and cause much internal turmoil.

The prophet Isaiah found himself in this situation after the death of King Uzziah (also known as Azariah) of Judah.

The previous kings of Judah had not always been faithful to keeping  the commandments of the Lord or following God with all their hearts and minds. But we read that King Uzziah “did what was right in the eyes of the Lord” (2 Kings 15:3; 2 Chronicles 26: 4).

He sought the Lord, won wars against the enemies of Judah and did some amazing building and development projects to improve the land (2 Chronicles 26: 3-15). But unfortunately his pride led him to his downfall and he lived and died as a leper for the latter part of his life (2 Chronicles 26:16-21).

And for a young prophet like Isaiah, the death of King Uzziah brought much uncertainty. What will the future of Judah become now? What will the next king be like? Will be follow in the error of the former kings or will he turn his heart towards God?

It was at this time of uncertainty that Isaiah decides to enter the sanctuary of the Lord and there he encounters the most awesome and holy God.

And he sees that the Lord is seated on the throne. What a powerful, awesome image this must have been.

Isaiah 6_1(1).png

He no longer has to worry about who is on the throne in  the land of of Judah. He no longer has to worry about what the next king of Judah is going to be like.

No matter what, God is on the throne and will always be on the throne. And this encounter with the Holy God was enough for Isaiah’s spiritual eyes to be opened.

All of his fears and uncertainties were diminished. Those fears were replaced by a heart of repentance. He recognized his own need for the cleansing by the Holy God who is on the throne. And he receives that atonement for sins.

And out of that intimate moment with God, he was commissioned to be the Lord’s prophet. And he will continue to prophecy during the reign of the next 4 kings of Judah….all the while being fully assured that God is the one who is really on  the throne.

And this is the same assurance that you and I can take today as well. No matter who or what is ruling our lives, we can rest assured that God is on  the throne and He is in full control.

We need not fear the national or international political situation. We need not fear the politics that may plague our workplaces. We need not fear the financial storms. We need not fear those who intend to harm us. We need not fear any thing at all.

We only need to approach the throne room of God, lay all of our fears down at His feet, stand in awe of His holy presence, receive His atonement and His blessing to go forth and be a blessing to those around us.

I hope we will really take a few minutes to do that today.

And if you want to read for yourself what is in the pages of these awesome scripture passages, here is the plan to do that for this week. This week in addition to the lives of some of the kings of Israel and Judah, the reading will also take you through the writings Isaiah along with other contemporary prophets of that time like Amos and Jonah.

Weekly Summary

As the kings of Israel and Judah come and go, God remains on the throne, raising up prophets to speak His message to His people and also to other nearby nations.

Weekly Reading Plan

screenshot 2018-05-20_17_42_46

Don’t forget to use the template I shared previously to help you on this journey. Also, check out my resources page where I explain this template a little more.

Digging Deeper

If you want to dig deeper here are some of my suggestions:

  • Use the above schedule to read through all of the text.
  • Read Revelation 4 for a more detailed description of the throne room of God and note your observations and comparisons with Isaiah 6.
  • Read Genesis 10:6-11 to see who built Nineveh to give you an understanding of this great city to whom God sent Jonah to preach about His love.
  • Optional: Read Psalms 54-57

And that is it for week 21!

Happy Bible Learning!

Week 21 - Infographic.png

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