Week 18: The Word of God is always relevant to our society

As humans, we often have a tendency to view the spiritual or sacred elements that pertain to God as separated from the mundane everyday aspects of life.

For example, we could be totally aware of and revel in the presence of God when we are among other believers worshiping Him but could become quite unaware of Him being in us and with us when we are filling up fuel at the gas station.

Or we could run to God or seek Him for guidance when we are making an important life decision but totally not even consider dialoging with him making other everyday decisions.

How about this? How many  times have we looked forward to sharing or just chilling out with a good friend talking about simple trivial matters of life but never take time to do the same with our heavenly Father and friend.

For this week in Bible Journey, I would suggest we take time to read a couple of the books of poetry and are part of the wisdom literature: Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. Both of these books stand out from other books of the Bible and show us how the mundane everyday thoughts and activities of life also have a place in God’s heart.

The first book, Ecclesiastes contains the ramblings of someone who seems to have had the opportunity to accomplish and experience almost everything in life but yet finds them all “meaningless”. Or at least everything except that which remains in God.

The second book, Song of Songs is a love Song which highlights the sexual desire between two lovers. This too is ordained of God who created sex for the pleasure of humans and intends for it to be enjoyed in the proper context.

Both of these books address topics that are especially relevant and needed in today’s society and culture:

  • Life could very easily get meaningless for us today unless we are rooted and grounded in God’s purposes for our lives and and view our situation and circumstance through that lens of God’s purpose.
  • In a culture where sexual desire has become all about instant gratification and has become a very messy to be addressed, God’s word highlights to us the pleasures of lovers who are waiting to act upon their desires and to not awaken love before its time.

At least that is my take on it. Why don’t you take a few minutes to read these books this week and see for yourself how God would want to speak to you through these portions of scripture? You can probably do it in just 1 sitting but you can also use my weekly plan below.

And to get more of a summary on these books, here are the videos put together by The Bible Project:


Song of Songs

Weekly Summary

The wisdom literature of Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs show us God is part of everyday conversations of life and no life situation is out of his realm of influence.

Weekly Reading Plan

And here is the weekly plan to read these two short books on  your own:

screenshot 2018-04-23_06_52_25

Don’t forget to use the template I shared previously to help you on this journey.

Digging Deeper

If you want to dig deeper here are some of my suggestions:

  • Read the entire books of Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs.
  • Re-read Ecclesiastes 3:11 and meditate on what it means to have eternity in our human hearts.
  • Re-read Song of Songs 2:7, 3:5, and 8:4. What is the common phrase in each of these verses? Look into whom these verses address and why.
  • Compose your own poem or a journal entry expressing your own emotions, thoughts and inklings to the Lord speaking frankly like you would with a friend.
  • Read Psalms 46-48.

And that is it for week 18!

Happy Bible Learning!

Week 17 - Infographic.png

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