Week 9: Entering the promised land incites excitement and requires valuable preparations

Wow! The time has finally almost come. The time to enter the long awaited promised land. Yay! the wait is nearly over. Can you feel this excitement with me?

Have you ever felt the  excitement of the eager anticipation as  you see the promises of God unfold before your very eyes?

I have.

I have experienced this a few times with a few different promises of God fulfilled in my own life. It is the most amazing feeling ever. One example is around the season when I was getting ready to be married. Even as a teenager I had committed my desires to the Lord in prayer for what I wanted in my future (very distant future) husband. Later in my college years, I received specific promises from God (via prophetic words) regarding the kind of person I would one day marry. But it wasn’t until nearly 8-9 years later that I saw the fulfillment of that promise. And after the period of waiting, even as I recognized and experienced what God was doing in my life by bringing before me the person I was to marry, my heart was filled with joy and excitement.

Even now in 2018 as I continue my walk with God, I am starting to see Him fulfilling some of the promises that I received nearly over two decades ago. And it is exciting.

But along with that excitement also comes some instructions and continued reliance on God. There are some necessary foundations that need to be in place. That is what we will see in this upcoming week’s journey.

Let me summarize some of those key lessons for us here:

  • The older generation had to pass away (die) first. This represents the generation that did not trust God at His word and who rebelled. We too need to let go of our doubts, fears and rebellion if we are to enter the promises of God.
  • Even though the enemy (Balak) intended to harm and curse the Israelites unbeknown to them, God’s protection did not allow it. No one or nothing can come between God’s promises for His children.
  • Structure and planning is key and critical to any mission that is going to entail entering the next level of promises God has for His children. For the Israelites this meant, keeping track of the census, working out the inheritance laws and land boundaries, establishing customs defined by God…etc.
  • God given authority is a must in leadership. It was imperative that God given authority had to be imparted from Moses to Joshua in order to lead the people. What does God’s authority look like for the promises in your life?
  • The enemies need to be completely conquered and subdued so that their evil influences will not take the place of God. We too should guard our hearts and lives from things that can replace our devotion and worship unto God.

I am sure that as you read the rest of the book of Numbers of your own, you will observe and learn even more on your own…but for now, these are just some of my observations!

And if you want to get a good structural framework to help understand the book of Numbers as whole, check out this very short video by The Bible Project team.

And here is rest of the info for you to embark on  this journey on your own….

Weekly Summary

God’s faithfulness continues from one generation to the next as He prepares the new generation of Israelites to possess the promised land of inheritance.

Weekly Reading Plan

And if you want to read more during the week, here is the weekly plan…if you can push through and read the full text, you may learn a lot more. If not, use the key texts I have picked out for you:


Don’t forget to use the template I shared previously to help you on this journey. Also, check out my resources page where I explain this template a little more.

Digger Deeper

If you want to dig deeper here are some of my suggestions:

  • First read full text suggested above making sure you highlight and note down key aspects that stand out to you regarding God’s holy nature
  • Read John 3:10-21. What is Jesus trying  to explain here using the comparison to the bronze snake?
  • Re-read Numbers 27:12-23 and reflect on the principles of leadership and authority mentioned here. Also read Jeremiah 5:30-31 to understand the warning given to those who act on their own authority instead of God given authority.
  • Optional: Read Psalms 25-27

And that is it for week 9!

Happy Bible Learning!

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