Week 7: Holy God provides the plan for unholy people to come into His presence

Last week as I was journeying through the last few chapters of the book of Exodus with my Elementary school aged children, it was quite fun getting their reactions and takes to some of the elements recorded in the book of Exodus that are so foreign to us in today’s society.

So, while we were reading (or rather listening) to one of the long chapters, I paused and asked them why they thought God was giving Moses and the children of Israel all the details for setting up the tabernacle in the wilderness. And I got a great answer from my son who said:

“Because God was trying to get them to recreate heaven here on earth”

(slightly re-phrased)

I was so thrilled to hear this and was jumping with excitement that he got this….but of course contained my excitement (like a “normal” adult).

Yes, yes, yes!

This my friends, is what is happening in the wilderness. The children of Israel (and now us) are getting a glimpse into Heaven, which is God’s perfect world where God dwells.

God’s set apart people who are fast becoming a nation are being called deeper and deeper into a relationship with the Holy God and being invited into His presence. But they cannot enter this presence lightly (sad story in Leviticus 10) nor can God make His dwelling in their midst unless a Holy space is created here on earth.

As we continue the journey this week through the book of Leviticus, even though a lot of what we read may seem so very foreign to us and hard to fathom, let us view them with a new set of glasses so that our spiritual vision will allow us to look beyond the details as we peer into the holy nature of God being revealed to us through this awesome book.

But first take a deep breath and watch this video by The Bible Project team that so aptly captures the essence of the book and gives us a structural framework to help understand the book as whole before we delve into the detailed sections.

And here is rest of the info for you to embark on  this journey on your own….

Weekly Summary

Holy God lays out details instructions for how His people may enter His holy presence giving them both the promises for obedience and the warnings of what may befall them for being disobedient.

Weekly Reading Plan

And if you want to read more during the week, here is the weekly plan…if you can push through and read the full text, you may learn a lot more. If not, use the key texts I have picked out for you:


Don’t forget to use the template I shared previously to help you on this journey. Also, check out my resources page where I explain this template a little more.

Digger Deeper

If you want to dig deeper here are some of my suggestions:

  • First read full text suggested above making sure you highlight and note down key aspects that stand out to you regarding God’s holy nature
  • Read Hebrews 9: 1-10 to understand the significance of the Tabernacle setup.
  • Read Hebrews 9:11-28 to understand why Jesus’ blood replaces all other rituals and sacrifices.
  • Read Luke 5:12-16. Why is it significant that Jesus touches the leper to heal him?
  • Optional: Read Psalms 19-21

And that is it for week 7!

Hope you will enjoy digging into this oft neglected book of Bible to grasp the true meaning and understanding of God’s holiness and the significance of the atoning death of Christ on the cross.

Happy Bible Learning!

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