Week 5: Peace amidst the storm

The year 1998 will always be one of great significance to me. It was the year where I faced some of the hardest battles and stormy weather in my life and frankly did not know if was going  to drown or make it alive. It was one of the most darkest periods of my life. But it was also the season where I clung onto the Lord tighter than ever before. I literally felt like David who cried out in Psalm 69:1 — “Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck”.

In that period of chaos as I was begging the Lord to show me the way out, He literally changed my prayer by telling me to pray for the door to open for me to walk out into freedom. And I did. And soon my miracle came. I experienced the abundant mercies of God that opened up the gates of providence that I so needed.

That incident is what I will always look back as the “parting-of-the-Red-Sea” incident in my life.

So, this week, I have the pleasure of introducing you to the first 15 chapters in  the book of Exodus where God walks the children of Israel through some pretty cool miracles and awesome display of power and strength and tops it off by the parting of the great Red Sea.

Last week we left the story  with Joseph seeing the fulfillment of God’s promise in his life and then the whole family of Jacob aka Israel settling in Egypt. But some nearly 400 years later life wasn’t so peachy for them. They were in slavery under the mean Egyptians and the promises of God were almost forgotten.

Yet when there seemed to be no hope of deliverance, God raises up MOSES, sets him apart, trains him and calls him to lead the people of Israel to their freedom.

And what a ride that turns out to be!

From snake fights to whole river turning to blood to unexplained phenomenon with frogs, gnats, flies, livestock, locusts, hail and darkness, the people of Israel got to witness God fighting on their behalf to try and convince Pharoah to let them go. Eventually, it would take the life of the throne-prince and first-born for Pharoah to finally release them from captivity.

But there was room for one more showdown between YHWH, the Lord of the Israelites and Pharoah’s army.

Even as the Israelites were sandwiched between the high and mighty Red Sea on one side with Pharoah’s great army breathing on their backs on the other side, they began to have misgivings that perhaps this escape from Egypt was too good to be true.  They trembled in fear. They complained wishing they had never left Egypt.

In was in the midst of this situation, that Moses boldly makes this declarative statement:

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.

And boy, did the fight happen.

The cloud separates the Israelites from the Egyptians.

The mighty wind parts open the Red Sea as Moses raises his arms up toward heaven.

The Israelites walked to other side on dry land. Dry Land! Not, sticky, yucky, muddy, slushy land. But dry land.

Then the entire Egyptian army tried to follow them but no, that ain’t gonna happen. The Red Sea gobbled them up and they all drowned.


Moses and Miriam (Moses’ sister) thought so too! And they made up a song of praise to express their wow-ness to God. Whether or not you have time to read any of the other passages for this week, be sure to at least read Exodus 15:1-21. It is totally worth it.

And that is where we will end for this week.

And here is rest of the info for you to embark on  this journey on your own….

Weekly Summary

God’s omnipotence is able to overcome all odds so that His people may experience true deliverance and salvation as they yield themselves to Him.

Weekly Reading Plan

And if you want to read more during the week, here is the weekly plan…feel free to read only as much as you have time for:


(as usual you get two “free days” in case you fall behind and have to catch up).

Don’t forget to use the template I shared previously to help you on this journey. Also, check out my resources page where I explain this template a little more.

Digger Deeper

If you want to dig deeper here are some of my suggestions:

  • First read the full text from Exodus 1-15:21. Don’t skip through the familiar parts but make sure you read all  the details….there are plenty.
  • Read Mark 14:21-26 and compare with the first Passover instituted in Exodus 12. Observe how Jesus is the ultimate replacement for the Passover lamb sacrifice.
  • Read Psalm 69. See if you can relate to the cries of the Psalmist –either in your present circumstance or perhaps from your past. Notice how in spite of his hopelessness, the Psalmist is directing his cries toward God. Could we do the same in our moments of despair.
  • Read Mark 4:35-41. Are there any storms in your life right now…or perhaps even little things causing fear or anxiety making you wonder where is Jesus? He is right there with you. Allow Him to bring peace and stillness in your life.
  • Finally, if you are into reading through the whole Bible in a year, then in addition to reading the above texts, if you also read Psalms 13-15, then you should be covered.

And that is it for week 5!

I hope and trust that you are as encouraged about the marvelous works of God as I am.

Happy Bible Learning!

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