Week 7: The promised land is so close but yet so far

I almost titled this week's blog "Fire and Leprosy and Quail, oh my" in light of all that happens to the children of Israel in the first half of the book of Numbers. After spending about a year at the foot of mount Sinai receiving detailed instructions on God's holy laws and having built the... Continue Reading →


Week 6: Holy God provides the plan for unholy people to come into His presence

Last week as I was journeying through the last few chapters of the book of Exodus with my Elementary school aged children, it was quite fun getting their reactions and takes to some of the elements recorded in the book of Exodus that are so foreign to us in today's society. So, while we were... Continue Reading →

Week 3: Though it delays, wait for it!

Last week in our journey we read about all the amazing promises the Lord made to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. Not only did we see the promises and faithfulness of God, we also saw how God remained faithful even when those whom he called...um...weren't all that ....um....perfect. Which is totally fine with me because... Continue Reading →

Week 1, here we come!

As we begin our journey, we start at the very beginning and that is at: Genesis! Genesis is one of my favorite books because it introduces us to a lot of amazing aspects of our God - our powerful, most awesome, indescribable God Almighty who not only created us but continues to chase after this... Continue Reading →

Setting Expectations

Each week for the next 52 weeks, we will journey through the Bible taking time to meditate on some highlighted portions for that week. And here are 3 things you can expect. # 1. My commitment to you: "One per week" My goal and commitment to you is to publish at least one entry each... Continue Reading →

Are You Ready?

There are only 15 more days before the New Year kicks in! What are you going to do in 2018 to make it the best year of your life? I know what I am going to do!!! It is something that has been stirring in me for awhile. But now I am actually going to... Continue Reading →

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