Hello! And welcome to the Bible Learning blog!

I started this blog in 2018 with the goal of walking through the entire biblical narrative and texts in a single year. With each week focusing on a given segment and drawing out the highlights and key principles we can derive about God and His ways with His creation.

This stemmed out of a personal goal of mine to expose my children to the entire Bible and not just certain stories that tend to get repeated focus and attention. After searching  through other books and curriculum available online and not finding any that would quite fit what I had in mind, I was compelled and prompted by the Holy Spirit to try and walk through this myself.

So, why a blog?

Simply put, the blog helps me to stay on track to fulfill my weekly commitment while documenting the insights I gain each week. And I wanted to test the waters to see if perhaps such a Bible learning journey will also help others in their own quest for a more overall big picture understanding of the Bible. More details here.

However, right at the tail end of June 2018, our whole family’s life and routine got a little of sorts when we decided to move back to California (from Pennsylvania)….and it was a bit of a whirlwind since we did it all in 5 weeks. So the blogging took a little backseat. However, I am ready to pick things back up now in 2020…so keep looking for more….

Happy Bible Learning!!!


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